Your Videos in iTunes

Use iFlicks to add your video files to iTunes and iOS devices. Add metadata to movies and TV shows to make your video library look awesome. Managing your video collection on your Mac has never been this easy.

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All about


iFlicks is all about movie and TV show metadata. It helps you make your iTunes library look awesome by adding metadata. All using a beautifully designed user-interface.

If you love movies just as much as we do, you want them to look beautiful in your iTunes library. You can even update existing videos by dragging them to the iFlicks window. It really brings your iTunes library to life.

  • Automatic metadata lookup for movies and TV shows
  • Clever parsing of file names
  • Finds beautiful artwork, including squared artwork for TV shows
  • Metadata completely customizable using rules


Big fan of Blockbusters? iFlicks helps you make your video library in iTunes look the way it deserves to by downloading complete metadata from The Movie Database.

TV shows

iFlicks automatically fetches metadata for your TV shows from the Online TV Database and completes it with beautiful squared high resolution artwork from Squared TV Art. It really brings your iTunes library to life.

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Speed up your


iFlicks has integrated video muxing and encoding capabilities. That way you can choose the best option to quickly import your video files into iTunes.

iFlicks Track Screenshot

With iFlicks you can process your videos faster than ever before so you can watch them on your iOS device right away.

  • Extremely fast processing of many video types
  • High quality video encoding
  • Audio support for multiple tracks with different languages in stereo and surround
  • Support for subtitles to be embedded in your video files
  • Dedicated presets to optimize videos for any Apple device like Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or iPod


Your video content is not H.264? No problem. iFlicks uses the most advanced encoders to convert your video stream while keeping quality high and files sizes low.


Many current video files can be transferred into m4v containers without lengthy re-encoding or quality loss. iFlicks goes through great length to make this easy for you.

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Automate your


Automate task you repeat time after time using rules, watch folders and scripts.

Screenshots iFlicks Rules Screenshot

Automatically open videos copied to watch folders. Run custom rules to modify metadata and settings. Use AppleScript to automate processing.

  • Custom watch folders with automated processing
  • Powerful rule system to customize your workflow
  • AppleScript support for most functions
  • Integrated tightly with iTunes


Using AppleScript you can further automate your workflow when watch folders and rules are just not enough. Yes, we are listening to you power users out there.


Using the powerful rules you can move metadata around to your preference, but also automatically choose preset, destination and further processing options depending on file path, type or other conditions.

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  • Blazing fast
    By muxing tracks when possible iFlicks is blazing fast.
  • Video formats
    Handle all common video formats like H.264 and DivX.
  • Video container
    Support all common video containers like mp4, mkv and avi.
  • Audio formats
    Import all common audio formats, including 5.1 surround content.
  • Subtitles
    Embeds subtitles in many formats into your videos.


  • Movies
    Automatic lookup for movie metadata from The Movie Database.
  • TV shows
    Metadata for all your favorite shows from the Online TV Database.
  • Squared artwork
    From Squared TV Art.
  • Support all tags
    All common mp4 metadata tags supported.
  • iTunes
    Full support for iTunes specific metadata.
  • Chapters
    Extend your metadata with chapters.


  • Simple
    Easily make repeatable steps work automatically.
  • Powerful
    Most powerful rules support for video tagging.
  • Customizable
    Have the metadata look the way you like it.


  • Watch folders
    Make iFlicks automatically process videos in certain folders.
  • Scripts
    iFlicks can be fully automated using AppleScript.

System Requirements

  • An Intel based Mac
  • macOS Sierra (10.12.2) or later
  • iTunes 12


  • Easy to use
    Video handling made easy.
  • Beautiful
    Gorgeous Interface.
  • Made for Mac
    Takes advantage of many of the latest Mac technologies.