All about Metadata
iFlicks is all about movie and TV show metadata. It helps you make your iTunes library look awesome by adding metadata. All using a beautifully designed user-interface.

If you love movies just as much as we do, you want them to look beautiful in your iTunes library. You can even update existing videos by dragging them to the iFlicks window. It really brings your iTunes library to life.

  • Automatic metadata lookup for Movies, TV shows and Music Videos
  • Clever parsing of file names
  • Finds beautiful artwork, including squared artwork for TV shows
  • Automatic lookup for chapter markers including creation of chapter images
  • Support for automated Subtitle lookup
  • Metadata completely customizable using rules

iFlicks automatically fetches metadata for your TV shows from the Online TV Database and completes it with beautiful squared high resolution artwork from Squared TV Art or directly from the iTunes Store. It really brings your iTunes library to life.

Subtitles for both, TV Shows and Movies, can be automatically fetched or manually selected through integrated support of Open Subtitles.
Big fan of Blockbusters? iFlicks helps you make your video library in iTunes look the way it deserves to by downloading complete metadata from The Movie Database. Additionally iFlicks loads Chapter Markers from ChapterDB or lets you search for matches manually. For Music video metadata iFlicks integrates support for The Internet Music Video Database.

To top things of, most metadata is not just available in English, but many other languages like German, French, Spanish and more.

iFlicks is FREE to download and use during the Trial period.
Afterwards Subscriptions can be purchased in the app.
Also available on Setapp or with Student Discount. Requires macOS 10.13.1 or higher.